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    Whether you are interested in establishing a new mentoring program in your Organization (or revise the efficiency of what you have already implemented), or considering to train yourself as a Professional Mentor, you have just reached the best place to accomplish this.

  • Mentoring: a powerful tool for development

    Everyday more organizations realize that effective talent management –acquisition, development and retention- is one of their key competitive advantages.

    Mentoring has proven to be more than just a cost effective alternative to training, as it promotes the sharing of knowledge and experience, leadership deployment and development, skills improvement and employee commitment.

    Organizations that offer a mentoring program not only get talent development of its employees but exert a powerful force of attraction of foreign talent as well as the retention and loyalty of his most valuable collaborators.

The 6 nuclear attributes of IMS


Total Solution

IMS offers you the Complete Solution for your mentoring needs. The most comprehensive range of mentoring resources, including workshops to plan or simply revise the effectiveness of your initiatives, training programs on required skills for the mentors and mentees, support during the implementation phase and exclusive services that are unique and adaptable. These are factors that distinguish us as a leading provider in mentoring solutions.


Effective Mentoring ®

Our programs will help you to effectively and strategically maximize the Experiential Capital of your organization, as we understand that Talent Management is a transcendental function, closely aligned with the strategy of your business, and effective, as you need to measure the benefits for your Organization, whether this is a private or public company (educational, healthcare, etc), an association or any other type of organization in whatever environment where there is human activity.

Effective Mentoring ® is the result of extensive IMS experience in the design and implementation of a mentoring program, which enables us to guide and accompany each step of the entire process of mentoring.

We believe that the effectiveness of a mentoring program relates to its adaptation to the organizational strategy and its value contribution. Effective Mentoring ® is based on rigorous research of existing mentoring programs along with modeling the critical factors that determine the success of this type of process. We have identified, selected and enriched those practices that we believe can assure the desired results.

Effective Mentoring ® relies on three principles:

- Alignment with the business strategy
- Adaptation to the organizational development needs
- Sustainability and ROI from the implemented processes.

IMS consultants and facilitators have complete knowledge of the needed steps and elements to launch a sustainable and successful Mentoring program. We will help you measure the results of your Effective Mentoring ® program, supporting you to design and strategically plan your objectives.



Just as not two people are alike, organizations are different and have particular and specific needs. The particular idiosyncrasies of each company require different approaches when it comes to effectively implementing a mentoring program.

The vast experience of IMS enables us to co - design the Effective Mentoring ® program that best fits your requirements, no matter the size of your organization, industry, number of employees, geographical distribution (multinational organizations) or the nature of your objective.



IMS is an organization specialized in Mentoring, as this is our sole activity.

Unlike other organizations, engaged in multiple activities, in IMS we chose to specialize, so that we can offer you a Total Solution for your mentoring requirements (amplitude) and we also guarantee the optimum results achieved through the Effective Mentoring ® program (depth, ROI).

IMS consultants and facilitators are fully qualified and have extensive experience to guide you through the four phases (“4 Es”) that constitute the Effective Mentoring ®process.


Learning excellence

IMS constantly strives excellence in the learning process dedicated to enhancing capabilities and abilities, competencies and models of mentoring.

IMS proves its ongoing commitment to research and development, updating its programs, incorporating new methodologies, tools and practices that are recognized internationally.


International Coverage

IMS understands that multinational organizations want to deploy the same people development models in various geographical areas in which they operate, aiming to adapt and implement these model by respecting the idiosyncrasies of each country.

IMS was created with the purpose of meeting these requirements through its international network.

IMS designed an Homologation Program for each and every one of the Mentoring Solutions that are mentioned in our proposal to ensure that both the open programs and those adapted to the specific requirements of our customers” are delivered consistently throughout all the countries, by all our Effective Mentoring ® consultants and facilitators.

We hope that you enjoyed visiting our website and please remember that if you require any clarification or further information we will be delighted to assist you.


The direct benefit of an Effective Mentoring ® program is the development and growth of talent. The secondary benefit is the attraction and retention (seduction) of the same.

If you want to know exactly how your Organization can benefit of the Effective Mentoring ® Program, contact an IMS consultant



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