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What is the biggest challenge of your organization?

In IMS we believe that out of all the challenges that an organization is facing for its survival and continued growth, the most important is to capture, develop and retain a workforce with high levels of responsibility, commitment and motivation. We understand that this is the most difficult aspect but it is also the one that can make a substantial difference in the current scenario of change. The competitive advantage that your Organization has is directly proportional to the ability of the individuals belonging to it to respond, anticipate and innovate.

The size of your organization, its culture, the degree of maturity in managing talent, the business sector in which it operates, the needs or the type of applications that you want to implement are just some of the elements that differentiate it and make it unique. The idiosyncrasies and particularity of each business requires different approaches when it comes to putting in place an effective mentoring program.

IMS offers you the Total Solution: The most comprehensive range of solutions that meets the 4 phases (4 Es) of the process that makes it easy for you to implement the Effective Mentoring ® Program.

What are the 8 critical elements that you need to consider before deploying the Effective Mentoring ® Program?

01. Alignment with business objectives and strategy, ensuring its contribution of value and sustainability

02. The effective communication and proper sponsorship

03. Establish criteria in selecting suitable participants (mentors, mentees and managers of the process)

04. Evaluation of skills depending on the mentoring program that you are going to implement

05. Education in the key skills required for an effective performance of their roles

06. Definition of the criteria that you will use in the mentors and mentees match

07. Design support structure and resources necessary to monitor the process

08. Results measurement and Best Practices identification

The team of IMS consultants and facilitators have the expertise to help you plan, design and implement the mentoring program that meets the development and growth objectives of your Organization.







In IMS we believe that all challenges are always possible


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